From the Brothers Grimm

‘…in a place made of twilight, full of things that fall between one day and the next, a Bunker was builtĀ . The Bunker could withstand all intruders and conversations, it contained the requisite escape tunnels and a trapdoor in every room.

Aly did not like people very much.

So she stayed inside her bunker-world and made companions of her own choosing.

Locked away in a room, generously described as a glorified cupboard, Aly constructed her golems. Her mongrel creatures were cobbled together with bits of sticks and string and the treasures rescued from hard rubbish collections, their hides formed from hundreds of inexpertly stitched sutures.

They stood, her lost things, ‘entre chien et loup’

And she whispered to each,

“If they knock, don’t answer” …’