August 29th, 2013


My poor, poor hands

I fear they will never recover from the disfigurement caused by constant thimble wearing

August 11th, 2013

Legs akimbo and black leather aplenty, the beasties are propagating

…but not fast enough, not nearly fast enough.

August 11th, 2013


Last of a long line destined for The Pile

Twenty-five down, only twenty or so to go

August 11th, 2013

Indulged in a little healthy chair burning this weekend. I am blackened and blistered with very little to show for all my labours, and burns. Such a random process – and much more difficult than it first appears. There are no guarantees that any will survive the baptismal barbecue as recognisable or functional objects.

Two out of five were reduced to kindling.

At this rate of loss I will need to trawl hard rubbish indefinately.

August 11th, 2013

…and now for a little hero worship

Peter Ellis was the Head of Painting at RMIT  during my stint. Fortunately for all present and future students he is still there steering the painting faculty. One of the great disappointments of my three years was that he did not get the opportunity to teach as much as I would have liked (every painting class for the duration of my course if I had my way).

It is also doubly disappointing that academia has laid claim to him as he is unable to practice as a full time artist, exhibiting infrequently and rarely on this scale.

A Head In A Hive Of Bees is an extraordinary show, an intuitive and whimsical journey. The drawn works span the last 20 years or so and range from large wall panels to artist books and journals.

If you are in town before 17 August, don’t miss it